Before your baby is two years old, it is best to eat less nutrition

Before your baby is two years old, it is best to eat less nutrition

“There is a ‘parent-child nutrition consultation room’ in our community. Some people will be regularly invited to give lectures and introduce a lot of nutritional supplements for babies. I wonder if I should buy them for my children?

Recently, Tingting’s mother sent an e-mail to this edition asking how to supplement nutrition for babies 1 and a half years old.

The reporter found that there are many types of nutrition and health care products for babies before the age of two in the market. Colostrum, biosynthesis, calcium lactate, cod liver oil, DHA . dazzled parents.

Tingting’s mother said: “Many people have said that they need to add more health supplements to their children, so that the child’s health is good, but I am worried that the child can absorb so much food?

“Experts remind parents: to provide nutrition to babies before the age of two, reasonable supplementation is the most important, and it is best to take less nutrition.

  Phenomenon hits: How to supplement nutrition, Ms. Chen, a hazy family member who lives in Haizhu, was recently asked to draw blood for her child, test his liver function, and check for lack of trace elements in the body when he was vaccinated at a community hospital.

The doctor said: “Baby over 1 year old must test these things to see if there is something missing, so they can make up for it.

“Miss Chen inquired that it was not easy to check the trace elements in the blood. It was necessary to pay for one check, but since” babies over 1 year old are drawing blood, their children must not fall. ”

Ms. Chen returned to the community and chatted with her neighbors. However, she did not expect to bump into “Baby Marketing” again.

Ms. Chen ‘s neighbour, and her mother, who is the same age as her baby, is a salesperson for a baby health care brand. She told Ms. Chen that her baby is eating colostrum, Synbiotics and DHA, which works well.It is suggested that Miss Chen also try it out. Upon hearing this, Miss Chen immediately decided that she would “buy a little for her child.”

  Interviews by reporters found that marketing of health products for babies not only occurred in shopping malls, but also in communities and community hospitals. Marketing that occurred on a later occasion was more covert and effective.

Babies before the age of two are very fragile, and the mother lacks sufficient experience. It is likely that they are not confident in their own alternatives. As soon as the child’s body moves, the child is worried.

On the other hand, slight poisoning of babies due to blindly supplementing various health products has also become very common.

According to Dr. Liu of the Children’s Health Department of Haizhu Maternal and Child Health Hospital, recently, some babies around 1 year old were admitted to the hospital with symptoms such as “sleeping late, restless sleep”
or diarrhea, but there was no record of eating suspicious food. Upon inquiry, it wasCaused by excessive intake of cod liver oil and synbiotics.

专家表示:“家长对于孩子的保护心理是可以理解的,但为两岁前宝宝补充保健品,必须要十分谨慎,家长自己也要充分调查询问,做到心中有数,切不可‘蒙查查’To trust the propaganda of others.

“Expert opinion: No nutrition is agreed to be given to infants. Special guidance for this issue: Professor Jiang Yifang (Director of Children’s Health Branch of Chinese Preventive Medicine Association, nutrition expert, child replacement expert)” The growth and development characteristics of children are different from those of adults.Before the age, the body was growing rapidly.

However, the nutrition of the baby before the age of two is best absorbed from natural, fresh and safe ingredients. In principle, parents are not encouraged to buy other processed health products.

According to experts, “two years old” is a key point. “Before two years old” and “after two years old” have different suggestions.

Experts remind parents: fortifying a variety of nutrients to babies before the age of two should be a very cautious suggestion made by the doctor after careful individual decisions.

If the business or a “nutrition consultant” simply conducts sales promotion and publicity, it will not only waste the parents’ money, but may also cause the child’s poisoning reaction after excessive supplementation.

  Chinese babies do not need to supplement DHA: DHA is called “brain gold” and is more popular in western countries because the diet there is to eat more fat and rarely eat vegetable oil, so there is no source of DHA in food.

In fact, Chinese babies can completely get DHA from food. The polyunsaturated fatty acid “Omega 3” in vegetable oil can be converted into DHA. Adding vegetable porridge, noodles and other complementary foods with a small amount of vegetable oil to your baby is about 1 year old.When using vegetable oil, soybean oil, peanut oil, rapeseed oil, corn oil, etc. are all qualified, but there is no such substance in olive oil that can be converted into DHA.

  Synbiotics supplement if necessary: Synbiotics is the nutrition needed by living bacteria in the body, which can help intestinal motility. Babies with poor mutual functions can consider supplementing.

However, the baby ‘s digestive flora is different from adults, and Synbiotics cannot be regarded as a nutrient that “makes up as much as possible”. Experts remind parents that they only need to supplement Synbiotics when necessary.
3 weeks is enough, take 3 days a week, otherwise it will be “unexpected”.

  Colostrum is not suitable for all children: Many parents now give colostrum to their babies, but this practice is not desirable.

Not every baby is suitable for this kind of colostrum.

To be simple, human colostrum is for human babies, and colostrum is for babies.

Children grow an average of 14 pounds a year, and cow babies can grow more than 100 pounds a year, so it is not appropriate to give colostrum to all babies in general.

Experts remind: Colostrum is suitable for premature and intrauterine malnutrition babies, and it is necessary to control the amount and time when supplementing.

  Do not overdose of vitamin D: Vitamin D is the main factor for maintaining calcium and phosphorus in the body. If vitamin D is eaten by calcium-containing foods, the body cannot absorb and use it. The main cause of rickets is vitamin D.

However, if the vitamin D supplementation is excessive, the child will be prone to excitement, sleep late, do not like to sleep, bloating, thinning, hair loss and other symptoms, so be sure to refer to the recommended amount of nutrition society, under the guidance of a doctor to add an appropriate amount.

  In addition to obtaining vitamin D from food and cod liver oil, there is also a dehydrogen free radical in human skin, which can also be converted to vitamin D by sunlight. Therefore, more sun is also a good way to supplement calcium.

Children after the age of two have been able to eat a variety of foods, and temporary outdoor activities are generally not easy to lack vitamin D, which can replace vitamin D preparations.

  Supplementary trace elements to see signs: “Not every baby over 1 year of age needs blood to be tested, let alone test whether the trace elements in the body are sufficient.

“Experts remind parents: To determine if they need to supplement their children with trace elements or take blood tests, the child’s physical signs will prevail.

The lack of certain elements in the body will be manifested in signs. If the child is pale, it is a sign of iron deficiency; if the child is thin, it may lack unnecessary nutrients.

  Calcium supplements need to pay attention to absorption: Doctors usually give infants calcium supplements, but in fact, Professor Jiang believes that not every child needs calcium supplementation.
Intrauterine malnutrition, premature births and babies with calcium deficiency symptoms need calcium supplementation.
Approximately, if the baby within 6 months is replaced with whole breast milk, no additional calcium supplement is needed; if the baby regularly replaces more than 750 ml of formula milk, there is no need to supplement calcium, otherwise, excessive intake will causeCalcium poisoning.

  The theory of calcium supplementation is very popular in the market, but experts point out that there are only about 8 in 1000 mg of calcium gluconate.

1 mg of calcium, and the body needs 300 mg, so the absorption efficiency of calcium gluconate supplement is relatively low, the other two calcium supplements: calcium lactate and calcium carbonate are easier to absorb.