Feng Li shook his head subconsciously:“Nothing,It was really your brother who accidentally ran into me just now。”

Hu Yang looked in a certain direction,Make Feng Li panic,But still calm down。
“Give me a fight that guy,Your family’s ancestral porcelain is easy to say。”
Everyone in the live room saw that guy,I heard what Hu said,Suddenly clapped and laughed,Is this going to use money to let the ghost push??have to say,Sometimes money can really do whatever it wants。look,It’s so convenient to do bad things,No need to do it yourself,No direct responsibility。
“This wave of operations,Yes you can!The cost is a bit high。”
“For Brother Hu,Trivial!”
“Ok!Brother Hu I like is back。”
Feng Li was taken aback,Hit old yellow,I’m willing to take over his pieces“Ancestral porcelain”,Is that simple?Say it early!I have nothing to do with Lao Huang。
“Oh?That kid is a bit of a cockroach head,Doesn’t look like a good person,Provoke you brother?This is easy,give it to me,Leave it to me。”Feng Li immediately stated。
The audience in the live broadcast room seems to be watching a comedy movie,Please!You don’t look like a good person?
“but,brothers,That’s it。My porcelain,Six more,The expert said,At least this number。”