Liao Jie bites his teeth,Supplement:“Even if you are auspicious,I will also cooperate with you.。”

Although it doesn’t work,But it is indeed a good man with a good job.。
“very good,Since you are willing to cooperate,Then I don’t talk nonsense.,Fu Zhezhi collects a diamond,Night curse,Reliable intelligence,This diamond is in your hand。”
“Be right,Diamond in my hand。”
Liao Jie brows:“I do not understand,Diamond’s things only have me and Fu Zezhi,Perhaps the rich family of people know,But they can’t disclose them.,Where did you get information??”
“I said,Don’t do excessive things,Didn’t you listen??”
I have a brightening:“Or,Because our attitude is too friendly,Let you feel the qualifications for negotiations?”
“Big brother,Don’t talk nonsense with him,Waiting for my beautiful beauty,He is honest.。”I love my hands before my life.,Scared to tears and screamed。
Liao Jie:“”
If the sister has no camouflage,He is definitely helping to abuse,Help hit the hands and feet,And the eyes are not blind。
“Be,No need to scare me,I never thought about doing extra things.。”
Liao Jie’s interruption,I saw the future of the love closed down on the side.,Heart to make a practical evaluation,This yellow hair,He can cheat eight times a night。
“tell me,Where is the diamond??”
“Can I tell you where diamond?,But as a transaction,You have to tell me first.,Where did you get information?。”
Liao Jie Weimen,I am not waiting to come to the mouth,First step first:“This is not a redundant thing,For safety considerations,I have to figure out,if not,How do I know that after the diamond?,You are choosing to let go or choose to kill?”
“We only ask for money!”
“I do not believe,From your intelligence capabilities,And bring me a crime of Fuze Turquity Hotel,They all indicate that you are not ordinary kidnappers.。Thus,I am with the identity of this ram person.,You should also be very clear。”
Liao Jie pair,Contact,Continuously apply pressure:“So the problem is coming.,Don’t put watermelon,Staring at a sesame,What is the problem??”
Want to eat,Liao Jie is more calm than the three sisters.,This paragraph is not prepared to stand up.,She can’t answer。
“answer me,Who is your side behind?,Is it a Fu Zhidian’s second child??”
Liao Jie asked,Self-speaking:“Because of my reason,The eldest son Fuze is too lost to the family inheritance,Three sons Fu Zexiong three into the possibility of the next family’s helm increase。He hates you,Pass you kidnap me,It is intertwined,Diamond is just excuses。”
Liao Jie is willing to think so,Three sisters have no opinions,Come to tears, even,Fu Zhujia water too deep,Still moving to a living。
“not talking,I will be by default.。”
Liao Jie smiled:“Tell Fu Zea 2,His mind is too simple,Single is intelligence source,And easily bring me out of these two,He can’t elute suspects。”
“what do you want?”
“Private grievances,Let’s put the big lady who came to the students.,I will chat with you.,or,Let Fuzea two and I talk about,All like this,He is not what he has hide again.。”
“hehe,You are very smart,But you forgot a little”
Come to life,Draw away the script directly,Pull out the pistol to point to Liao Jum:“You are a captive,No negotiation。”
“This is what you can’t afford.?”
“What is it?,I have a gun,I am rule。”
I have a cold.:“The last time I ask you,Where is the diamond?,Dare to talk nonsense,Our brothers give the big lady around you.。”
“speak,Don’t talk, I have to do it.。”Candid love strange,Everyone is acting,She is serious。
“I bet, there is no bullet in your gun.!”