“Not far from you,A man has been staring at you,So after you give me the baby,It’s best to hold your bag in your arms,Cover with clothes,Create the illusion that the child is still in your arms”The woman said softly。

Zhou Li trembled,She asked softly:“You are Fang Fang?”
“Correct!I am Fang Fang”Fang Fang said,Lightly took Xiao Chenchen from her hand,Then wrap it in a coat。
Zhou Li hurriedly bent over,Pulled out the bag under the seat,According to Fang Fang’s arrangement,Wrapped this in my own trench coat,Look far,Like holding a baby。
“Listen well,You get up now to find the conductor,I have already told her,Just say your name is Zhou Li。Train leaving from Bucheon,Will stop at a small station in half an hour。Nowhere,But you can go down,This will completely throw away the man staring at you,Do you understand me?”Fang Fang whispered。
At this time the train has started to board passengers,There are so many customers in Bucheon,All at once filled the carriage,At this time,Fang Fang suddenly said:“Hurry up and get caught in these tourists,Go to the conductor”
Zhou Li nodded,Holding the handbag in his arms, he walked forward。
All morning,Xia Jian didn’t do anything,He sat with Zhao Hong,They are quietly waiting for Fang Fang’s call。Sun Yuejuan and Xia Zecheng,Walking around the house in a hurry。
lunch,Sun Yuejuan didn’t do it,Everyone just ate steamed buns and some leftovers。Until three o’clock in the afternoon,Xia Jian’s phone rang,Everyone gathered around Xia Jian。
Fang Fang called,Xia Jian quickly connected,Fang Fang’s happy voice came from inside:“The child has been safely delivered to President Xiao Beishan’s home,Aunt Ding will take care of me temporarily。It’s just that this guy can make trouble,Your family should come here as soon as possible”
“it is good!I will let my mother come first at night,But I have to trouble you about renting”Xia Jian said in a low voice。
Fang Fang smiled and said:“Mr. Xiao said where he lives,Not let you consider。So I didn’t find it for you,But you must be there tonight,Because the little guy recognizes people,Just ignore us”
“Ok,Thank you”Xia Jian finished,Hung up the phone。