“sister,You till now……Haven’t you seen it yet??”

Lingjing’s words,Make Lingju startled for no reason,But soon,A look of horror appeared on Ling Jing’s face。
“you!You are in the mid-term?!!When did this happen?!!”
Jin Dan mid-term!!
Lingju remembers that Lingjing had just been promoted to Jindan for a few years,This……This has become the golden core mid-term?!
and,There is no retreat breakthrough in the middle,In other words……Lingjing had a complete epiphany,Only in the middle of the golden core!
It will take 30 years from the early stage to the middle stage of Jin Dan,And this is the fastest,If there is no big chance,Some people will even get stuck for a hundred years in the early days of Jindan,Even for a lifetime。
This……Lingjing just followed Senior for a week……It’s already in the middle of the golden core!!
This senior Jingpu……How strong is it?……
And Lingjing looked at Lingju,Somewhat proud:
“Don’t be so surprised,Don’t talk about the chances,And drinking the tea that is comparable to the hundredfold pill,Just a pig,Senior can let him survive。”
Lingju doesn’t understand,but,Will know tomorrow,So Lingju didn’t ask much。
only,Thought of here,Lingju looked at Lingjing Dao in angrily:
“You guy is such a white-eyed wolf,I was beaten by your father when you were young,When I was scolded by my father,I all came out to persuade,Turns out there are such things,You don’t tell me,If not for me to go in person today,I’m afraid I will never know。”
And Lingjing heard this,It’s screaming wrong:
“Where is it?,I was actually paving the way for you today?”
Lingju was stunned and said with a puzzled face: