What to do to recover the gap in love

What to do to recover the gap in love

Twenty-six-year-old age is not wasted, Liu has had several unforgettable romances, which can be long or short, and he can’t escape the end of the breakup.

Knowing that there are no perfect things in the world, I still pursue the perfection of love without hesitation.

Liu Ye knows that she knows her so-called capital, she is young and beautiful, and she has enough salary to make a slight surplus after she has deliberately consumed it, so there seems to be nothing to seduce her into dizziness except for love.

  It is not accidental to encounter security. Such a man can only play a role in the back. It is the only option to take the initiative.

Fortunately, deliberate encounters have created the perfect beginning of ideal love.

Ann is born with handsomeness, wherever he goes, it feels like a ray of warmth.

What really made Liu unable to extricate himself was the smile he had in mind at the corner of his mouth before the negotiating table.

It’s been a long time before I found out that such a man who is walking at the forefront of the times is like a developed virgin forest. At any time, you will find a pleasant scenery.

Tolerant and rational, calm and courageous, yet gentle and gentle, caring for her is like treating a favorite delicate porcelain, holding it in your hands and hurting in your heart.

  For such a year and a half, love is really the perfection that Liu wants.

I am afraid that such a man would never be forgiven for a lifetime. What are you waiting for?

It seems that there is only a luxurious wedding of the prince and princess.

Liu’s heart was always filled with a joy that could not be hidden.

  The wedding is set at the slightly cool end of October. That day is expanding day by day. Trivial things seem to never end. It becomes a little increase in the fear of marriage. The joy is squeezed into the corner.

That day, even arguing about the color of the bed cover and An, what made Liu sad was that An didn’t tolerate this time, but accepted the move unbearably.

  It was so noisy that dinner was omitted, and when night fell, it was a bit cool. Liu Ye forgot the reason for the original quarrel, only to think that a man can murder a woman so sweatlessly, because his love is no longer there.

He took the towel and lay on the sofa in the living room in tears silently. For a long time, An slightly snoring came from the bedroom.

  At midnight, I got used to drinking water, maybe he could carry himself into the bedroom?

Mr. Liu, who has never closed his eyes, deliberately placed it on the opposite side when An passed the living room. Ke An didn’t seem to hear it and returned to the bedroom without turning his head after drinking water.

After a while, there was a slight snoring sound, all of which were harsh to Liu Fan.

  At dawn, the shells of Willow still shed tears, maybe it was just the decision that she just made to dim her: break up.

It’s time to fall back and look at that stumbling block, but Liu can’t say anything about it now. The quarrel was actually irrelevant, but unfortunately it became an irreparable gap in love.