Xia Jian quickly connected,And said to the phone:“Good morning Mr. Luo!Just say what you have,Luo Yi she is by my side”

“Oh!I don’t find her。Is such that,Where are the people from our company in a while?,First, an identification of the object,Then valuation。if there is no problem,This thing must be delivered to our company by your people,This money can be loaned to you”
“This is the program,Not a few。remember,This is business,Money and love must be clearly separated in the business field。Even brothers have to settle accounts”Luo Jun said very seriously on the phone。
Xia Jian hurriedly agreed:“Good manager Luo!I will do as you say”This is the truth,Ten million can’t be loaned to them in one sentence!Although Luo Yi is the general manager of the group,But this matter is a group business after all。And in this matter,Risks are everywhere。
Luo Jun deserves to be an old Jianghu,Be careful and cautious。Xia Jian has learned an extra trick,Encounter something like this in the future,Don’t worry about it。
“This old man,Getting timid。He doesn’t even believe my eyes”Luo Yi on the side could not help cursing coldly。
Xia Jian sighed and said:“Should,There is nothing wrong with Uncle Luo doing this。We just do”Xia Jian said very politely。
Heiwa parked the car at the elevator entrance of the underground parking lot。Xia Jian pushes the car door,Pulling Luo quickly into the elevator。He is very anxious,Thus,The money will arrive later。
In the office,A few women all in。Even Jin Yimei is here。Xia Jian hurried over,Shake hands with Jin Yimei and say hello。Then he gave him the content of the call Luo Jun called,I’ll explain it to everyone。
Xiao Xiao took a breath and said:“There is no problem with this。Please wait for the result!Xi Zhen makes tea for President Luo”
What Xiao Xiao said,Mostly quiet down。After all, this matter is still unknown,If the experts sent by Luo Jun have different opinions on the identification of this object,Then these ten million are not in the soup?
Not just everyone sitting,Even Xia Jian’s heart shrank。How to do it?Xia Jian walked around in the living room a little anxiously。
Luo Yi glared at Xia Jian and said:“Hold your breath,Please believe my vision is good?”Luo Yi is upset,Xia Jian had to sit back honestly。
About ten thirty,A three-person delegation from Longdong Group arrived。One of the old men said that he is 60 years old,It seems that he is the protagonist today。
They didn’t even drink their saliva,Took out the instrument and started work。Xia Jian did not expect,There are so many advanced instruments to assist in identifying these things。It took more than an hour,The three people sat together and discussed for a while。