Maybe it is really tired.,He has been sleeping until 78 o’clock in the evening.。

Wake up the first thing, he is going to watch the phone.。
very good!supernbDoctors have no patient consultation news!
He looked at the small program hang up time is8Hours,Total revenue160Yuan!
Too fake.……
Zhou Ye can’t believe that people who have not had a negotiation have actually made money in the outpatient clinic.。
This time I really have a welfare of hospitals and departments.。
“Does this belong to illegal practice??”Zhou Niwu is a bit fear。
But he gives some health guidance.,Nothing,Nor,Nothing to do。
He turned his eyes,And this is the,He doesn’t understand himself,Does the hospital leaders don’t understand??
Looking at the income of the Ming,Zhou Yewu’s eyes must be glitter!
“The feeling of making money is really cool。”He is thinking that you should hang him a night.!
But I always feel a weird feeling.,Is it so easy to make money??
Zhou Ye looks at supernbdoctor,Some of the top eight in the heart。
“This will not have anything 啥 钱,For example, patients have been consulting during the treatment period without timely reply.,Deduction50Powder。”He always feels that the software will change it.。
Otherwise, it is just a script-level thing to make money.!
Anyway, things don’t have high height,Zhou Ye is crying and smiling:“Heiki with Laozi!”
Is it possible to press money??
WeChat news is quite more,Daddy、Shu Lu、Weekly and Chen Youwang bless Wuhan’s trip。
Zhou Ye went to the message,Warm flow。
I have made big money today.,Zhou Ye went to add sausage fried rice,I don’t know what day today.,The takeaway actually sent a few coupons for free.,One meal, actually ten dollars!
Finish,He looked at the lung infection of the eye.,Until at 11 o’clock in the evening, I will sleep again in bed.。
“Tomorrow is the beginning of Wuhan.。”He has some tossing in the evening.。
I can’t say it, why can’t you sleep?,I didn’t want anything in my heart.,But there is always an invisible thing in troubled itself.。
That is half-sleep,He slept to the dawn。
“This Nima sleeps,I really want to eat sleeping pills.。”Zhou Ye must even doubt that it is a bit of anxiety disorder.!
Get up and wash,Zhou Jixu has packaged everything,I got out of the door。
When I went to the door,He suddenly looked back at his own small house.。
“Again。”He entered the elevator slightly smile.。
I finally came.,this day,Zhou Ye walks on the way to the hospital,Some of my heart began.。
Sure enough, the closer the beginning of things,The easier the person’s spirit is too high.。
Looking at the empty street and depression shop,A sort of“The strong man is not re-wish”Feeling!
Zhou Ye came to the hospital door,I have found that today’s Fengren People’s Hospital is different.。
I have been a lot of journalists today.,Striping in the door of the hospital,Form a contrast with the cool street road。
Zhou Niwu clearly saw the emergency door to pull the banner“Happy to the Tianfeng Medical team went to Wuhan to develop disease!”
He stopped holding a suitcase in a distance, there is something dare not.。
It’s already at 7:30 now.。