think carefully,Seems to be okay,The instructor no longer speaks,But there is no follow-up after the action?There seems to be no coherent plan,Always feel nondescript,such as,Emergency measures in case of problems, etc.,of course,The instructor did not say anything,Luo Changhua made up,It is also recommended to report the action decision to Bureau Liu,Bai Xiaojun is emotionally impatient,But still did,Collective decision,Even if something goes wrong, I can help these two,No reason to refuse。

“Old rice,You can help and supervise Mudaoren,Let’s each have a share,Go back to eat now、rest,Still gathering here at eleven o’clock in the evening。”Bai Xiaojun patted the instructor’s shoulder enthusiastically,Unconcealed。
“SZThe case in the city has changed a bit,I’m afraid I’m going to take a trip。”
“Oh?What changes?”
“It’s another murder case involving Zhang Zhiqiang,but,Not finalized yet。”The instructor’s answer is a bit vague,Liuyunguan’s things over there,He doesn’t want to let the other party know。
“not sure yet?Then hand it over to the local,Here is the point,The superior has just dropped the notice,The dead body case will end before the end of the month,A lot of pressure。”Obviously Bai Xiaojun will no longer let instructors run around,He is now the overall commander in charge,There are orders from superiors,Naturally, you have to hold chicken feathers as the arrow。
The instructor frowned,But there is no alternative,I wanted to talk to Liu Ju about this,But after thinking,The other party is likely to push him back to Bai Xiaojun in one sentence,Undoubtedly boring,And it’s easy to get out of business at this critical time,Still bear it。
Liuyunguan found the body of Zhang Zhiqiang’s associate,It stands to reason that the instructor should at least ventilate the task force,But he decided to take a moment,On the one hand, the timing is not ripe,On the other hand, it was also out of distrust of Bai Xiaojun,There are also two eyewitnesses who have to find a place to transfer protection,do not know why,The instructor was a lot more cautious at once。
Have dinner in a hurry,The instructor returned to his residence,Carefully checked the corners of the room,Confirm that there is no monitoring、After eavesdropping on devices,He just called‘Doctors’,Let him and Shen Yingjie do three things as soon as possible,One is to try to contact the local public security agency,Protect the dead body,What procedures are needed, he thinks of ways to make up;The second is to protect the two witnesses,It is best to move,;third,No matter what method,Be sure to ask the doctor to go to Liuyunguan to see Baiyun first,Save Baiyun’s life。
Eleven o’clock late at night,Moonlight,Around the small building is like an enemy,The interrogation method in the eagle room on the second floor has just begun,Luo Changhua arranged three groups of personnel,Take a wheel fight against Zhang Zhiqiang,More than ten sets of various problems have been designed,Inverse interrogation,There are also auxiliary means,Fluorescent lamps of large wattage were erected on the corners on both sides,The effect is comparable to the spotlight on the stage,Put on headphones for Zhang Zhiqiang,Bracket at the chin,Want to pretend to sleep,Immediately there was a roaring metal rubbing sound,Make it dying。
Nonsense is fine,The headlights on both sides can gradually increase,Within minutes, Zhang Zhiqiang’s eyes can be swollen and painful,It’s no use closing your eyes。
The instructor stood outside the door and glanced at the interrogation room through the small iron window,Zhang Zhiqiang is telling stories vigorously,Seems to be totally unaffected by the surrounding environment,This time it’s Hokkien,Speaks very slippery and fast,enraptured,I’m very excited from time to time,From the instructor,I’m afraid this battle will not do much for Zhang Zhiqiang。
Chapter six hundred and forty five Night action
When I came to the evidence room,Mu Taoist is busy,Pedal white cotton boots,Take gossiping steps around the place where the dead body is lying,Steady pace,Very slow,Every turn,And sprinkle some millet,Eyes slightly closed,Have words in your mouth,Extremely attentive,Didn’t care about the instructor’s arrival。
Mudaoren’s outfit has also changed,A dark gray robe,Slung a black cloth pocket,Back with whisk and mahogany sword,Because of his tall body,The sleeves flutter down while walking, but also majestic。The first desk at the front has been changed to an incense case,There are incense candles and dried fruit tributes,The whole indoor environment is smoky,A little spooky。
The instructor stood quietly at the door watching the wooden Taoist fiddling,The other side walked ninety-nine-eighty-one back and forth,Just stopped,The instructor noticed that the millet on the ground had unknowingly dispersed into a circle,Very regular,This is quite interesting。
At this moment, the wooden Taoist took out a lot of red rope from the messenger bag,Then he held out the small porcelain bottle I saw in the afternoon meeting,Wrap three of the red threads around the bottleneck of the small porcelain bottle,Then carefully placed the porcelain bottle in the center of the circle on the ground,Three red lines point in three directions。
Then the wooden Taoist crossed his legs on the ground,Fold your hands in front of your lower abdomen,Have words in your mouth,The instructor did not understand,I think they are all obscure scriptures,About Mo Xiaobanzhuxiang’s Kung Fu,The wooden Taoist rises up,Muttered to himself,“Became。”