“Yes indeed,We can’t go back this time,”He Dayong said quickly。

“We are iron and blood knives,Country’s Blade,People need us,Even if there is only one person,We have to save。”
Flying Wolf said in a deep voice,The perseverance on his face can’t hide it。
“These people who came back,what should I do now?Are you going to ship them back first??”
“correct,How long will this warship be able to dock here??”
“Three days,Twelve noon three days later,Must leave。”
Flying wolf got such a reply,This time is very stressful for them。
“Send them to the battleship,We must rescue the remaining expatriates in Blackgreen within three days。”
Flying wolf immediately issued a combat order,Must rescue all the expatriates。
“Yes,”Everyone replied in unison。
“We are the backing of the people,Take responsibility,So as to be ashamed,Worthy of the country,Worthy of the people。”
“No matter what the price is,We all have to rescue the diaspora。”
“We directly used the gunship to rush to Black Green City this time,remember,Our mission this time is to rescue the expatriates。”
“Instead of fighting,You all remember to save strength。”
“Check the equipment,We set off immediately,”Flying wolf commands。
“Flying wolf,I have to tell you something,Hope you are ready。”
At this moment,Lading, the person in charge here, came over and said something to Flying Wolf。
Makes Feilang’s face ugly,Flying wolf just nodded,Did not speak。
“All on the helicopter,”Flying wolf first boarded。