Children need more calcium in summer

Children need more calcium in summer

In a blink of an eye it’s summer again, do moms know?

The sunny days of the year are the golden season for children to grow. Good natural conditions are conducive to the growth of their bones and the development of body parts.

The “calcium” element created by everyone, as an essential element for promoting bone growth, will also have a higher demand than in the past.

  After summer, children’s outdoor activities have increased significantly.

Under the scorching sun, the discharge of sweat is several times that of the past.

When children return home sweating, mothers must pay special attention to: not only the water lost with sweat, but also the precious calcium in the body.

If the lost calcium is not supplemented in time, it will affect the growth of the child.

  What mothers also need to know is that children’s weak spleen and stomach functions will also become dysregulated with increasing heat.

In a hot and dry environment, children are prone to symptoms such as decreased appetite, partial eclipse, and anorexia. It is difficult for them to obtain sufficient calcium from daily expenditures, and the replacement of calcium is naturally a serious waste of tedium.

This shows that in this important growing season, children and young people need calcium supplements even more.

  How does a smart mother choose the right calcium supplement for her child?

Experts point out that liquid calcium does not require gastric acid to participate in the absorption process, and it does not cause a burden on the child’s small intestines and stomach, and has high safety; therefore, calcium supplements can only be decomposed when they are broken down into “calcium ions”.Fully absorbed and utilized by the human body.

Calcium supplement products that meet all the above advantages are the best choice for mothers, such as calcium gluconate oral solution, which is a supersaturated liquid calcium with high calcium content; good absorption effect of ionized calcium and higher safety; as much as possible,Sweet and sour fruit flavors are more easily accepted and loved by children.

  I hope that every mother can grasp the golden season of calcium supplementation in summer, so that children can grow up healthily and vigorously!